I’m Cool Too

I'm Cool Too - Ya Fav's Children's book
I’m Cool Too – Ya Fav’s Children’s book

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Help Ya Fav Trashman raise $1M for Philly schools!

For every book sold, $5 (and any further donations we receive) will go to the Philadelphia School System. 200,000 books sold means a big boost to the future of young Philadelphians!

Here is how close we are to this ambitious goal (granted, we are just getting started!):

That’s books sold so far… That’s $ raised plus $ in donations. Only books to go!

Read about this effort in The Philadelphia Citizen:

The book’s backstory

“I wrote this book because I wanted to highlight the importance of sanitation workers.  They are an unseen essential part of EVERY community.  Believe it or not, Sanitation workers do so much more than just pick up your garbage.”

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“My kids didn’t want me to pick them up in my stinky sanitation uniform.  My son said he wished I was an airplane pilot.  That’s how I came up with the idea for this book.”

“I also want to start changing the mindset when it comes to littering early. I believe littering is a taught behavior, children watch what others do.   We should all do our part to show children that there is a better option than throwing trash on the ground and to take pride in their neighborhood.”